Tuesday, January 31, 2006

January Goals Report

January workout goal = 14 workouts.
Drop under 270 lbs.
Eat moderately at lunch, no fast food, less pop (even diet pop).

Workouts = 16
Today's weight = 262.5 lbs.
Ate much better at lunch, packing lunch almost the entire month
Drank way less diet pop
Much less coffee and when I did I used significantly less sugar & cream
Major achievement: NO fast food all month! Zero...zilch.

It was a great start month. I have some decent habits going right now and feel positive about the weight loss. My workout routine is getting a little drab, but until the weather changes it'll be tough to get out & get some good cardio in. I want to maintain my eating & workout habits while improving the difficulty of the woukouts & eat less frozen food at lunch.
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