Friday, November 23, 2012


It seems a bit overdone to post online what you are thankful about around Thanksgiving. Should we not be thankful throughout the year, and tell those we love about it. Just thank folks a little bit more often than we do now. Sunday should be a day of thanks every week. A time where you should wash away the stress of the week, minimize yourself, and pass thanks along for the things you are thankful for. Too often life's little annoyances can overshadow the good things.

Does it really matter if the dog scratches the table? No.
Clients that apparently have no hobbies, friends or family to spend time with;  annoying, but not life threatening.
Can you survive an internet outage? Shock and horror aside, yes, easily.

Yesterday gave me all I really need to keep going. No work emails. No travelling.  No schedules to hit. No meetings. No stress. Just my family.

I was able to enjoy the Thanksgiving Day at my house, alone with my little family. I worked on converting the office into a bedroom for my daughter. My wife worked on an amazing meal. The day was hard for my wife, since she is eight months pregnant, and it’s getting more uncomfortable to stay on her feet that long. She’s one tough woman. Our daughter is a lot like her. A softhearted girl, that loves to laugh and play, and likes hugs when she takes a tough fall. I cannot wait to meet our little baby, what a blessing. I ended my day sitting at a small bonfire with my wife, just talking about little things. A perfect end, to a perfect day.

The chance to work everyday on my husband and father skills is what I am thankful for today. I am not perfect, but each day with my family I work on myself. Each day I make mistakes, and learn from them and hopefully use the lesson the next day. I am thankful to have people in my life, that make me want to be better.