Tuesday, February 14, 2012


RIP baby JDM, I miss you and wish you were here. Your sis CGM prays for you every night.

Monday, February 13, 2012


This morning I had a sick wife and a baby that needed taken care of and I had to get to work. Now, I’m not the cliché Dad…I’m no stranger to diapers, wet and solid, I feed the baby, clean up spit up disasters, put her to bed, and play with her all the time. But to be very truthful, the baby’s Mom, my beautiful wife, takes care of the lion’s share of the work.

I had to do this all myself today, and I would like to apologize to and thank my wife. Every day, you do most of this without panic, and get everyone moving with grace. Even while I was sick all weekend, you kept the house moving and the kid happy and fed. Not sure where you get the ability to do it all, but you are aces in the Mom department. Our baby girl is lucky to have you for a Mom. I am lucky to have you for a wife. I hope I provided a bit of entertainment this morning while you listened in on my late for work, get crying baby ready, walk the dog panic filled morning, you deserve it. I love you.

Hope you feel better soon!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

My Review of Van Halen, A Different Kind Of Truth

My thoughts and opinions on the new album:

1 Tattoo - I just don't get it as a lead off track/single, lyrics are not as good as the music. Song is mixed way better on the album than the questionable YouTube video they put out. Not everyone is good off the tee box at #1, I'll give them a mulligan after the last 14 tumultuous years off.
2 She's The Woman - 1970's demo track redone, classic VH sounds, cool chugging rhythm section, decent solo.
3 You And Your Blues - I'm not a fan of songs singing about other songs, I get the song, the chorus is catchy, but it's just OK. Missing Mike Anthony backing vocals (tear in eye). Classic VH outro is a nice finish.
4 China Town - Wow. Welcome back Mr. Edward Van Halen, the reports of your demise have been greatly exaggerated. Punch in the face right off the bat. Love the song, love it. Could sit comfortably next to songs like Mean Street or Get Up and not blink. Crushing most of current rock songs.
5 Blood And Fire - Look at all the people here tonight! Another 1980's VH sounding track. Funny DLR talking middle section, tip of cap to long time fans. Really great solo, for realz.
6 Bullethead - 1970's demo track redone. Fast, grinding, fun. I'm fine with the redux of these 70's demos, they kick ace in 2012 too.
7 As Is - Al had to have a drum intro song, come on it's a VH album! Ed rips the sh!t out of this song. Wow, he has some electric licks on this. Wolfgang keeps the low end fine on this speed racer. Solo gave me goose bumps, just really classic VH kung fu.
8 Honeybabysweetiedoll - Cool modern intro leads into great rhythm riffs. VH sounds really fresh and 2012 relevant here. One of the best on the album!
9 The Trouble With Never - Sixth straight great track in a row. Band is in the flow now, Ed is giving lessons to rock guitarists. Wolfgang has been practicing, a lot. Maybe I don't hate DLR for what he did to the band anymore...just don't ride an inflatable mic on stage again.
10 Outta Space - 1970's demo track redone. I should be riding in a 1974 Camaro, openly drinking Schlitz pull top cans for this one. I'm still a bit shocked at this point how much I like the album.
11 Stay Frosty - Really going to be a fun live song. Song is the grandson of Ice Cream Man, just a fun rocker, great Eddie solo.
12 Big River - 1970's demo track redone. Cool intro, sounds like it's from Diver Down era, classic DLR-VH stuff. Great groove, fun to sing along and drive to. Another perfect solo fitting the song.
13 Beats Workin' - 1970's demo track redone, sounds like like 1970's VH, in a good way. Should be sitting in a van with a circle back window, interior carpet and a keg. Add cowbell, 'nuff said.

Stand out tracks:
China Town
As Is
Trouble With Never
Outta Space
Stay Frosty

Final thought:
I am really surprised at how great this album sounds. All VH drama aside, they have done a phenomenal job here. Ed is alive and well on this recording. I thought he lost his famous brown tone after VH III, but he found his sound. The band is tight, and DLRs chops are fun and surprisingly sing-along-able, I forgot the DLR BS while listening, and just enjoyed the ride. I cannot wait to see some of these live in Pittsburgh. I went into my little review with low expectations, expecting to be very critical. I came out loving the album. Tracks, 4, 6-13 are VH at the top of their game. No real duds on the album, Tattoo should not have been the first single, nor had the awful hand camera video, it's not to shabby here. Definitely worth the purchase, the deluxe version has a 4 song acoustic set, it was worth the couple extra bucks for the fan.