Friday, April 03, 2015

One Tiny Strip At A Time

My boy received some gifts in the mail from his Aunt, Uncle and Cousin. It was fun watching a 2 yo open the wrapping paper, one tiny individual strip at a time. He was totally focused on the end goal, some new swag, but he would not tear big chunks off the packages. His sis was dying to help, she wanted to jump in and rip stuff open, but we let him work in his own methodical way. Lots of laughs.

Right now I have a lot of irons in the fire, at work, in volunteer life and at home. I can allow myself to be overwhelmed by intense activity at times. I sleep poorly, tend to be a bit edgy and have a difficult time unplugging my brain. Years of dealing with hectic projects, with intense bursts of pressure, and I still get wound up the same way. Not sure why I am wired this way, but it is something I wish I could control better. I am fairly good at checking out when I am home, but the last few weeks has been tough to say the least.

I think I need to follow the example from my son. Take my work, and peel away one strip at a time. Make some checklists, check off completed items, allow myself to see the progress, instead of the volume of tasks still ahead. Like Dub, who got to his cool new blocks eventually, I will endeavor today to peel away a few strips, and set next week up for much smoother success.