Friday, January 23, 2015

Going Wholly Fast

A couple weeks ago we bought our last gallon of whole milk. This may seem fairly uneventful on the surface, but it was a big moment. Our boy hit his second birthday and he no longer drinks the whole, he will drink what the family drinks now. The cliche that your kids grow up too fast is an absolute truth. I do feel we spent so much less time on the boy, when we had just C$, we focused entirely on her. He has always had a sister to compete with. So far he adores his sister, and always wants to be around her, sometimes to her dismay. "Daddy, he's touching me!" "Daddy, he has my dolly!" "Daddy, he won't get out of my room!"

I know these moments won't stop, and as the kids age, they will grow stronger, but I want to enjoy each and every step along the way. I do not want to let the heat of the moment between these two get in the way. Every age with the kids has been the best age.

Not having to buy two types of milk is great, The kids growing up so fast is not great. The journey along the way is not one I would pass up!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Paint

New paint transforms rooms into a new living space, an dwelling and a whole new fresh perspective. I am luck my wife loves to paint. Like Christmas decorations, I do not like putting them up, but love the result. I don't like to paint, but a freshly painted room is great. 

Recently, we (she) painted a couple rooms to move the kids up a size in room space. The reaction from the kids was just awesome. My daughter kept screaming "IT'S AWESOME" and started making snow angels on the open space. Watching how much she loved the room simply because it had a new color and her stuff in there made my day. Similarly, when the boy hit his room, he was immediately the owner, he ran around inside, pointed at everything and laid down to enjoy the carpet and took it all in. The whimsy of children is one of the best things to watch.

The turn of a new year is like an opportunity to paint a room. You have an old color, dirty walls, some dents and don't like to even look at the old room. Much like ourselves, we have a couple more pounds, gotten away from eating well and have not been on our normal track for a couple months likely. Then comes the dreaded New Years Resolution! I think you should scrap the resolution, and instead do a new years re-painting. After-all you are the same person, a room is a room. Pick some new colors, and try them out. After a while you may not like the color, just try a new one, find what you like. Do not get stuck in the rut of a resolution, failing the resolution, and giving up. Maybe your new plan will last all year, maybe it won't, but just remember you are not stuck with any healthy choice you make. Maybe you will eat better, stop smoking, call friends more, read a few books, walk in the park, write in a journal this year. Just know if you do not succeed or follow through, you can just re-apply some new "paint" and move on. Who knows, maybe in 2015 you will be running around yelling "IT"S AWESOME" and really surprise yourself.