Monday, July 20, 2015

You Complete Me

This past weekend I had the joy of having the kids to myself. This does not happen often, as I travel a bit more than the wife.We had a blast for a couple days, played a lot, ate some "Dad" style meals, went to a comic book convention, swam at the Grandparents pool and watched a movie. It is very interesting to see how the kids act, or react, when both parents are not around. They both love Mommy fiercely, and often are attached to a leg of hers. They do not swarm on me as much, unless we are wrestling. After a day/night on our own, when they realized Mom was really out of town they settled in with the concept that I was their dude for the weekend. In all we had a blast, lots of laughs, very few tears, and great memories.

What I do know is that I do not know how single parents do this all the time. Every minute of every day for four days and three nights I was focused and in action with the kids, cooking, cleaning dishes, doing laundry with no break. I think I take for granted how nice it is to split the family duties up with my wife. This weekend made me appreciate two things, my kids, and my wife.

When J got home the kids freaked out, and were over excited and tired all at the same time. J was also really tired from her long weekend. The pic below summarizes how they all felt to finally be back together. I love this picture so much.

J truly completes us.