Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stop Giving Up

Today I am surrounded by feelings to jump off the fitness train. I have a terrible head cold or allergy thing going on, making me feel generally off balance. I had an off track weekend, and do not want to go to my weigh in tonight. This is even after I woke up at 5:00a today and went to the pool for a personal record (PR) in the half mile swim. You would think that would keep me on the path, the many PR's I have set in fitness this year. I borrowed the fitness photo/phrase from above from coachjennmcd.com and it struck a chord. So did a friends Facebook post about how "getting fat doesn't take a day off, I can't either." He ended his post with #nomorebeingpudgy which made me laugh a bit.

I am so tired of starting over, because I have quit so many times. I have not quit this year though, eight months of working hard. I can't believe that after all this work, I could easily go off the rails, especially with the diet. Only a couple weeks away from my first triathlon, and I am still fighting daily to eat well. I need to set a PR for the eats. Record the most totally healthy days with all solid meals.

I guess what all my accomplishments have taught me, is like the picture says, I will not be starting over, because I will not give up this time. I will not let a couple bad days turn into a week of bad days, or a week off into totally off. I refuse to go back. I refuse it. I am not perfect, and still have weakness for good (bad) food, but those cravings will not stop this train. I have to get my eating under control, and stop cutting corners here and there. Not sure how yet, but tracking 100% of what I eat will be a good start. Football Saturdays and Sundays will be tough, but I need to figure this out starting today.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lucky To Help

I have had a great run over the last few weeks with the levels of charity I have been able to give. In the last month, I have raised money for the St. Jude's hospitals, volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, participated in a race for The United Way, and donated to the ALS Association along with the ice bucket challenge. These events have given me time to appreciate how lucky I have been in life. I have a good family, nice career, great friends, positive mentors and the list goes on. 

I truly believe that volunteerism is a key to happiness in life. Whether you can donate time, talent or treasure, there might not be a more worthy action than lifting up your fellow man. Simple actions, signs of respect, or a simple acknowledgement of a human can go a long way. 

All the things I list as my lucky points take up time, family, friends, work, but you can find a way to give of yourself to others. Look to your circle of influence, have you been affected by an illness, a loss or some sort of struggle? Likely, there is a group that works toward helping that situation. Whatever you do, share yourself, share your talents, give some treasure, loan some time. With technology, this can take just a few moments of your day, surely we all have a few spare moments. We are only here on Earth for a short while, help make someone else's time worth living.

Monday, July 28, 2014


Every day I walk through the halls in my office building. Sometime through my companies parts, sometimes through other companies parts. Coffee, lunch, bathroom or a visit to a colleague are the destinations normally. One thread that weaves its way through my walks is the lack of humanity. So few people make eye contact, nor one says hello, no one smiles.

Stare at the carpet, browse through the smart phone, read a paper; I just don't understand the total lack of connection in the workplace. I am not looking for deep friendships in the hallway, but a simple hello, or good morning would be nice. Some folks do not even break their trance when a good afternoon is thrown their way. I was just not raised that way.

I am sure nothing I write here today will change the world and get folks to share some kindness. What this will do is strengthen my resolve to be friendly. Make sure I am not cut off from other humans, make sure I keep my eyes up, face forward and smile. Maybe if I keep it up, the smile can spread, and I'll see a few more around the place.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Catching Up and a Possible Bad Apple

I have not abandoned my blog, but am dealing with getting caught up with work and life during a very busy time. Not helping the matter is the below image on my computer. I will get my longer hike post out there soon. Needless to say it was an awesome trip.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


"I'm a lucky man, to count on both hands the ones I love
Some folks just have one, yeah, others, they've got none."
-Pearl Jam

Tried to master the elusive "get a 3 and 1 yo to look at the camera" shot. I love the pic, and am truly lucky to get to be the father of these kids and a husband to J. Best Father's day ever on Put-In-Bay Inland, OH.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Valley

Blue Hen Falls

The Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP) is located along the Cuyahoga River between Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. The park offers so much for the locals, from skiing, hiking, biking, running, concerts, nature centers, fishing, snow showing, cross country skiing, waterfalls, ledges, horse bridal trails, the list could go on and on. Over 20,000 acres of protected land for public use. Until recently, I have only scratched the surface on what is available for use, but since February I have been all over the park.

What a beautiful place.

Top of the Valley! Along the Buckeye Trail.

Even though the park is almost always full of people when I am there, especially on the more popular canal towpath, I think the CVNP is a hidden gem in NE Ohio. I have lived within an hour of the park most of my life and never knew all that was offered. More folks in the area should try out the bounty of offerings. Get your kids out there, let them experience nature, and see something that inspires. The picture above of the view from the top of the valley, was truly inspiring in person, the image only captures a portion of the spirit I felt.

I plan on getting my friends and family out to the CVNP as much as possible. Go out and see a small area of the forest where the sunlight fills a little nook like a cathedral, walk through a patch of cattails, feel like you are on top of Ohio.

I am spoiling the natural beauty for sure.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nine Days

I have been preparing for my hike for 5+ months solid now, non-stop focus and work. In nine days I will begin the trek, and I cannot believe the time has come. I am excited, nervous, ready, not ready; all these things wrapped up in one ball. I do not think I could have kept my job and family and physically prepared myself anymore than I have is such a condensed time period, yet I feel like I should have done more. I am easily in the best shape I have been in for the last 12-14 years, which took losing over 50 pounds. This trip will be amazing, and a sure physical and mental test of my strength and endurance. I cannot wait for the view from the first summit, it should be inspiring.

I am really thankfully to my friends Scott & Greg, who kindled the fire of inspiration that led to my transformation. I was utterly failing at setting and holding to basic good health and simple fitness goals, this trip got me more focused than I have been in years. The biggest thanks goes to my wife, who has supported my efforts without question for five months. J has manned the house, and managed the kids alone a lot while I was working out, running, or on long practice hikes. Thanks J, you are one of the biggest reasons I am doing this, to be healthy and strong for you and the kids for years to come. I love you.

So that is all for now, I hope to get a prep post or two in before the hike. I will surely have a lengthy post with pics following the hike. I may make two long posts, one for each day on the traverse.