Tuesday, January 24, 2012


There is a little piece of pumpkin bread sleeping in her crib right now. She doesn't know anything about our work day, or the mortgage, or folks we have to deal with or any of that stuff. She knows a few things though.

I like to be dry
I like to be fed
I love the two crazy people that do these things for me
I can stare at my puppy and laugh for hours
Bath time is fun so far
My neck is super ticklish
I jump-a-roo with the best of them
Oh, and did I mention, I'm wet again, please make me dry

It is a bit cliché, but the simple things make a person happy. Adults need to try to peel back the layers of broken friendships, hurt feelings, tough bosses, money, ego and so many other learned problems to enjoy more of the simple pleasures life provides for us.

I know I could use a little more patience, take a little more time to think of a laugh, a giggle, a smile or any of the multitudes of things my baby girl does. I need to deal with all the adult things all day, but keep the dear moments a little more present. In the end, we all just need a little pumpkin bread in our lives.