Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stop Giving Up

Today I am surrounded by feelings to jump off the fitness train. I have a terrible head cold or allergy thing going on, making me feel generally off balance. I had an off track weekend, and do not want to go to my weigh in tonight. This is even after I woke up at 5:00a today and went to the pool for a personal record (PR) in the half mile swim. You would think that would keep me on the path, the many PR's I have set in fitness this year. I borrowed the fitness photo/phrase from above from coachjennmcd.com and it struck a chord. So did a friends Facebook post about how "getting fat doesn't take a day off, I can't either." He ended his post with #nomorebeingpudgy which made me laugh a bit.

I am so tired of starting over, because I have quit so many times. I have not quit this year though, eight months of working hard. I can't believe that after all this work, I could easily go off the rails, especially with the diet. Only a couple weeks away from my first triathlon, and I am still fighting daily to eat well. I need to set a PR for the eats. Record the most totally healthy days with all solid meals.

I guess what all my accomplishments have taught me, is like the picture says, I will not be starting over, because I will not give up this time. I will not let a couple bad days turn into a week of bad days, or a week off into totally off. I refuse to go back. I refuse it. I am not perfect, and still have weakness for good (bad) food, but those cravings will not stop this train. I have to get my eating under control, and stop cutting corners here and there. Not sure how yet, but tracking 100% of what I eat will be a good start. Football Saturdays and Sundays will be tough, but I need to figure this out starting today.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lucky To Help

I have had a great run over the last few weeks with the levels of charity I have been able to give. In the last month, I have raised money for the St. Jude's hospitals, volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, participated in a race for The United Way, and donated to the ALS Association along with the ice bucket challenge. These events have given me time to appreciate how lucky I have been in life. I have a good family, nice career, great friends, positive mentors and the list goes on. 

I truly believe that volunteerism is a key to happiness in life. Whether you can donate time, talent or treasure, there might not be a more worthy action than lifting up your fellow man. Simple actions, signs of respect, or a simple acknowledgement of a human can go a long way. 

All the things I list as my lucky points take up time, family, friends, work, but you can find a way to give of yourself to others. Look to your circle of influence, have you been affected by an illness, a loss or some sort of struggle? Likely, there is a group that works toward helping that situation. Whatever you do, share yourself, share your talents, give some treasure, loan some time. With technology, this can take just a few moments of your day, surely we all have a few spare moments. We are only here on Earth for a short while, help make someone else's time worth living.