Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The March Plan

Diet Plan: Eat moderately, pack lunch and stick with it, know what I'm having for dinner a day in advance. Keep fresh fruits & vegetables in the house. Grocery shop for smaller amounts of food more often, to keep things fresh & waste less, I threw away a lot of food last month.

Exercise Plan: 14 workouts, 4 of which will be cardio workouts. I want to begin the routine of jogging this month so by spring I already have broken the legs in. I have a 5k race in June I'm going to register for as long as I'm healthy.

Weight Plan: I set the goal a little too lofty last month and then felt like a failure, which I wasn't. I set a goal of 12.5 lbs. and lost 3lbs. But I lost the 3 lbs. with what felt like an off track month, so I'll split the difference and go for 7 lbs. which wil set my goal at 252.5 lbs.
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