Friday, May 02, 2014

Can You Keep This Warm?

Walking into daycare this morning with my kids, my daughter reached up to grab my hand and said "can you keep this warm Daddy?" This melted my heart. I said sure, and held her hand as I carried baby bro in to school. I did not want to let go. Now I was in a bit of a rush this morning, because I snoozed too much and started my workout late. When C$ asked if I could take her to school, my response was "J do you need me to take them?" As I turned away, I realized how bad that made me feel, and I said I would take the kids.

Had I rushed out this morning I would have missed this moment. What a shame that would have been not to hear "can you keep this warm?" I always want to keep C's little hand warm. I am truly proud to be a father to a daughter, I learn something new everyday about girls hearts and minds.  I know when she's a teen, things will be different, but we have plenty of time to get there. I plan on keeping that hand warm, play outside , put ponytails in her dolls hair, build castles and always listen when she needs me. My hand will always be open.

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