Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Turn Back Now

The sign above is a really bold indicator to folks walking past. A true clear indicator you are entering difficult terrain, and should not tread lightly. I will walk past this sign in June, weather permitting, and take on the challenge. More on my hike in the weeks to come, but today I ponder the absence of signs like this in everyday life.

How often do we tread into difficult projects, relationships or situations when a clear sign like this could help make decisions early? Would a sign like this stop you? Maybe progress is never made without walking past a few warning signs. I think preparation is key. Now, I do not think a person can be prepared for every single challenge or obstacle, for some will be truly surprises. But you can be open to change, embrace it when it presents itself. This is not an easy task. Heck even identifying that change is underway can be difficult.

So, how do you identify change? The sign will surely not be there telling you to tun around if unprepared. I think a routine assessment of where you are would help, mentally, physically and spiritually. The routine can be what you define, daily, weekly or otherwise, but take note of where you think you are at within these areas in your life. When you write, meditate or think on your routine, if you feel off in an area, look for your warning sign. Make sure you can identify the challenge, and either take it on, or prepare yourself to be able to tackle the change.

Do not always accept the status quo, do not fear change, prepare yourself to adapt, prepare yourself for tomorrow.

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