Thursday, May 08, 2014

Draft Night

The NFL draft begins today. For weeks and months, the sports networks have forecast, re-forecast, and revised the re-forecast of what they think each team will do. I will admit I get wrapped up in the talk early on, but tire of the unending discussion quite quickly. Alas, the day is here. Funny how much time and energy is wasted on something the great majority of folks have no influence over whatsoever. I am sure ray Farmer, new GM of the Browns, is a busy man right now, but the fans have no power over this event. I wish my brownies well, but really cannot get worked up or nervous today. Tomorrow I will awake a browns fan either way.

Instead of focusing time and energy of things you cannot control, focus on one thing you can. Treat each day like draft day. Spend some time thinking about the choices you plan on making in your life. Choices at work, at home, in your spiritual life or with your friends are all in play. These are things you can influence, that you can work on. Spend time today thinking what or who your #1 pick will be to tomorrow. Will you commit to spend more time with your kids? How about not snoozing in the morning, or clearing out and responding to all your voice mails and emails. Maybe you will be your own #1 pick, give yourself a break, or pick yourself up and try again. 

No matter what you do, spend your energy on things you can "do." Take action, make a plan, follow the plan. Work toward your sphere of influence, or just identify it. Leave the things you have no control over behind, and step forward. You can still be a Browns fan in the morning.

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