Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Friends, you and I will be

I was able to fly out to St. Louis this past weekend with my wife to a friend's wedding. The guy is a Fraternity brother, one that I have maintained contact with over the years. I have worked through fun times, tough times, and given advice to this gentleman. When I was engaged he traveled to my bachelor party, and my wedding, long drives for both, and the wedding was only a week after another brother's wedding. When my buddy asked if we would come out for his I didn't even blink before I said sure.

This is what makes a friend. Someone that doesn't think before the help you, they just do. Good friends do not need to talk all the time, or hang out all the time, but when they are together, it is like no time has passed. I am a lucky man to have a lot of people I call friends. I know there have been times where I probably have been a selfish friend, or even a bad one, but I try hard to improve and earn friendship. I was a lot lazier at being a friend as a younger man, I do not think I understood how rare lifelong friends are. The more I advance in my career, advance in age and get pulled in 100 directions by life and family the more I need friends. Friends are where you can go laugh, have a blast, forget about your struggles and just be yourself. Then you can split, and return refreshed to your normal routine.

Today I will call a friend today, one that I have not heard from in a while. I am not sure who yet, but I am going to reach out and say hi. I have received enough love from friends, and I want to make sure I share the love today, and be a good friend to someone else.

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