Monday, May 12, 2014

Red Spots

Dub had a chemical reaction to some medicine he was taking, and developed a rash all over his body. When we first saw the red spots, were concerned it was something more contagious, but were relieved it was just a rash. This poor kid has had a much rougher first year and a half than his sister, but he is a tough little boy. A quick medicine change helped, and each day since he has looked a little better. 

Saturday I took him to an outdoor shopping center to walk around, get him some fresh air, and get J a Mother's Day gift. I was taken aback by the looks some folks gave my son, and their actions. First, I get it, you see a red spotted kid, and you think why would you have that sick kid out. But J and I are good parents, we would not take a kid in public that was in any way contagious. But the pointing, whispering, moving away from him, and looks at me like was the devil were bothersome. This is a reflection of where we are as people, assume the worst, cast judgment or assume I am an irresponsible parent. Now I know before I had kids, a screaming child in a public place would drive me crazy, and having kids has tempered my opinions on taking kids out a lot, but the general nastiness was surprising.

I know the day with Dub was a one day event, and hopefully rare, but this brings me to empathize with parents that have a child with a disability or physical uniqueness. The patience these folks must have with the negative public, casting judging eyes on their family, must be highly developed. Two hours of it and I was done, and ready to tell someone off. I respect the families that work through this daily, and pray to have some of their strength. I am sure their journey is not lightly walked, but I will commit to being more sensitive in my judgment of folks. And I will pray our world can have a little more love and understanding. 

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