Tuesday, February 04, 2014

My Success

I spent some time thinking about my definition of success, and was underwhelmed with my results. I fall into very standard thoughts on success, and confuse it with goal setting and completion. Certainly completing a goal is a step to success, but this should not defines what makes you successful.

True success should be a higher ordeal.

I want to achieve a lot of goals in my life. Good job, provide for the family, fitness goals, volunteer goals and some hobbies. But these are all goals, and achieving them cannot define my success. I want to be successful at family. I want to be successful at helping others reach higher than they thought they could. I want to be successful in my faith. I want to be a success at personal growth and improvement. I want to be a success at happy.

None of the things I want to be a success at are easily identifiable tasks. They are a compilation of a lifetime of tasks and goals. My plan in 2014 is to keep setting goals, but make sure they align in some way with my definition of success. Goals and tasks are good, and can bridge you to success, but you need to know what your success is going to be so you can be one.
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