Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mountain Conquers Man

I have been working very hard to prepare for my trip to New Hampshire in June. This morning I felt like a failure during my workout. I know failure is a strong word, but I questioned myself a few time during my session, and almost hurled once or twice. I am always a strong supporter for other peoples challenges and aspirations, and often lend good motivational words. My problem is I never lend these to myself, I am very hard on myself. I do not have a great ability to go easy on me, and look at the bright side. So today I am forcing myself to put on some shades, relax, look at the sun and be happy I worked out at all.

There are some positives, I am struggling to focus on, but here goes. I woke up early, dragged my butt down stairs and worked out. I went after the workout harder than the last week. I slowed to the moderate routine a few times, but made sure I finished each exercise at full intensity, or at least my closest approximation of full. Lastly, I did not stop.

My head got in my way a few times, but that is where I need the most work. Sir Edmund Hilary's quote above has been framed on my wall since college. His quote could not have rung more true to me than when I finished this morning. I was totally gassed and did not want to walk upstairs to get ready for work or take out the garbage. I sat for several minutes just collecting myself, sort of pissed that I felt the conquered by "the mountain."

Take some time today to assess if you are doing everything you can for your goals. Are you getting in your own way? Is fear of failure stopping your from starting something new? Right now I am accepting the fact I worked out as hard as I could today as a win, and not being too hard on myself. Today is only a day, but if you run, walk or inch toward a goal now, you are beating everyone on the couch not trying at all.
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