Friday, February 28, 2014

Future Days

My morning drive into work is normally filled with talk radio, sports or comedy. I enjoy the chatter, and laugh a few times and get my sports news. I have not been into my music in a while, probably because I have not played any guitar in a long time. Pretty much no guitar since the kids. This week I have been getting into my playlists and mixing them up to get a fresh groove moving. The change worked wonders. On SiriusXM I found a great Zeppelin live track, a new (old) song by someone I have never heard of, the Lee Michaels version of Stormy Monday. Wow, I am not a keyboard/organ guy, but this song rocked. Then I listened to some of the New Pearl Jam album Lightning Bolt. Skipping through to some of my high energy favorites I landed on the albums finale Future Days. Full disclosure, I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I have listened to this song many times, but today it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Here is the picture, adult male, driving alone, getting all choked up driving in to the office. I'm sure it would look funny from an outside perspective. The song is a well written gaze upon a relationship, and the state of being before and during. It speaks to the ability to see the future and believe in the future. Like my last post, looking forward is not always easy. Having faith in the unknown future is even harder. Today I want to focus on the future, see what I believe will be true. I can do this at work, my faith, my volunteer life, in my family life.  In the worst of time keep your eyes forward, in the best of times enjoy the moment and plan the next. Better days are ahead all around!

"I believe and I believe ‘cause I can see
Our future days, days of you and me

When The hurricanes and cyclones rage
When winds turn dirt into dust

When floods they came and the tides they raised, ever closer became us"
- Pearl Jam
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