Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turkey's cannot fly

As I'm packing for the weekend trip I think to myself, man what do we need all this stuff for, It seems like such a phenomenal waste to pack so much for a 5 day trip. But, I think this comes from of a life of trying to Be Prepared. I somehow think I need to have a solution for every event possible under the sun. this can be draining at times, I just don't have the don't worry about it, it will work out mentality. It feels like a burden sometimes.

I think this mentality might be a part of my fear of starting down the long road to a healthy weight. I need to solve the problem now, and this is so overwhelming I cannot start the trip. I need to pack everything today I might need over the next 8 months or it will fail.

I know this isn't true, but I'm really struggling to make time and start consistent progress. Hopefully this weekend I will take some hikes and get my head clear of all the garbage at work and just think about my health. This means mentally, spiritually and physically. I have a lot to prepare for over the next 8 months, and I need some harmony to get there.

I just need to find my tune.
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