Saturday, November 20, 2010

Morning Walk

My cousin has terminal cancer, and she has been more than positive throughout her experience. Her attitude is a model for most people in their own lives. She was so excited recently that her son engaged his girlfriend, it was good news for the whole family. Last night I received the worst call, my cousins' husband had a sudden massive heart attack and died. It left me heartbroken for all of them

I have had my own battle with the "why me's" in life, and I know there is no real answer to that questions, but I have to ask, why them? Neither my cousin, or her husband have been bad people in life. Actually they have been the opposite. I simply cannot imagine what they are going through right now. Their son is young and happily engaged, mom is bravely battling cancer, and now their rock is gone.

This has caused me to first pray for them, that they may find their way through this time. And, I have also refocused on my health. I have recently posted about a race for next year I have signed up for, but really done nothing to prepare yet. Well, last night was a wake up call. My cousin that died is less than 20 years older than me, and was very young to go. This morning, I strapped on my boots, and got outside for a walk. It's a meager start, but I have 8 months. As I was made very aware last night, 8 months is more than many get. Take each day and try to improve yourself, and impact someone else's life. Just one person. We never know when it will be our time to leave, so it's best we be our best self and love others everyday.

My walk this morning was full of sadness for my family, and re-commitment to myself. My thoughts and prayers today are for Chuck.
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