Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dash to the new year

Had a great weekend away with family. Nine of us rented a house at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, and spent 5 days relaxing, laughing, enjoying the outdoors and reflecting. This was the mini-break I needed before the rush of the next month occurs.

Lot's to get done with both work and family, but I need to maintain the focus in the right areas at the right times. I have never had so much pressure and scrutiny as I will face at work closing out the year, but there are truly much more important things to worry about. Family and health are just two easy ones that pop to mind. That's not to say I won't tighten focus and deliver at work, but I will do it with the right attitude and mindset.

I'm also looking forward to the primordial ooze of health crawling back out of the depths of the bog and growing some legs. I really enjoyed the two hikes I took over the weekend. The one with the family was fun, I really enjoyed my nephews awe at some outdoors sights. But, I enjoyed my solo hike the most. I miss the solitude and peace of mind a walk, run or hike can give me. Not sure why I find the peace of being alone for a brief time so comforting. The soundtrack for my hike was new and perfect for a wintry walk. Bohren & der Club of Gore's Sunset Mission was just a great companion on the walk. Not sure how a contemporary German ambient jazz band found its way into my walk, but it worked.

As I start the dash on Monday, I need to remember my weekend and walk for some reason and inspiration. I want to finish 2010 strong on all fronts, and roll into a great new year.
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