Monday, May 01, 2006

May Goals

Diet: I did buy groceries more often, but ate a lot of hospital food. I will continue eating good food and shopping for food more often. I also will continue doing better on weekends. I am losing any desire for fast food.

Exercise: This will be difficult now with work travel & recovering from softball games, but I'm sticking with 14 workouts.

Weight: My goal for April was 246.0 lbs and my final weigh in was 245.5 lbs. so mission accomplished. With my retreat from exercise during my parents ordeal it's a testiment to good diet that I lost weight. My goal for May is 239.0 lbs. That is consistant with my 7 lbs./month so far.

Notes: April was shot to hell with my parents accident happining on the 8th. But I maintained my good diet choices and that proved to be key. This month will be another challange with starting a new job out of town, but I feel too good about my body to quit or be complacent now.
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