Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hope, Understanding and Future

I attended a Habitat for Humanity charity dinner the other day. Sometime I can take the roof over my head for granted. Never in my life did I have to be concerned for a place to rest my head. There are a lot of good hard working people that do not have this luxury. HFH works to get affordable housing for families willing to work for it, and get them a reasonable loan for their home. I used to think the houses were given away, but I actually like the HFH system. The family has to work on their own home, either building for refurbishing the structure. Every member of the family has a time obligation, to tie in the ownership concept. Then the family has a 30 year loan through HFH they must pay like any other mortgage.

I have a friend that often states if you give someone something for free; they will not appreciate that something, and not be invested. This is the exact model HFH works against, no freebie houses. During the banquet a HFH mother spoke about what HFH and having a safe home for her family to grow up in meant to her. She used three words to describe the HFH home ownership experience. Hope, Understanding and Future. What a graceful summary of a home. Couldn't we all use a little more hope, understanding and a better future? I have several outlets of influence between work, my family and my volunteer life. This week I want to focus on providing a proverbial home for someone, and lending some hope, practicing a little more understanding, and walk toward a better future with someone.
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