Monday, March 10, 2014


Never travel without your batteries fully charged. I had a low phone charge this morning, even though I thought I charged overnight, and my noise canecelling headphones died on the first leg of my trip. What makes that more annoying is I bought expensive airport shop batteries just a couple weeks ago, and left them at home. So I will now buy expensive airport batteries again. This is a bit irritating. Luckily I can read without tech or listen to music with regular headphones, so no real issues, just some first world problems. 

What I am reminded of is to make sure my batteries are charged. Not the phone, iPad, laptop, headphones or any other consumer electronic, but me, my mind and body. I normally get around 6-7 hours of sleep, which is barely enough. I drag in the morning, and work out most days before I get my workday moving. But what can I do to truly recharge my batteries. With two small kids this is a constant challenge. I do find that exercise and good eating help a whole lot. They don't make my morning drag that much more peppy, but throughout the day I have a lot less lag. But aside from the physical battery I need to focus on the mental and emotional ones. 

How can I make certain the mind and spirit are charged? Learning and challenging myself help a lot. It sounds silly but watching the new Cosmos show last night engaged my brain, and excited the child inside and his love of learning. As a kid I wanted to be an astronomer, I loved learning about the sun and stars. Not sure when that stopped, or when I diverted, but I felt like a kid watching this program. I forgot how much I love this stuff. Hopefully the show stay on the great path it seems to be on, and maybe I can dust off the star map and show my kid some things this summer.

I am also spending this Lenten season refocusing my connection to my faith. This is a  forty day period to spend denying myself any harmful or destructive behaviors, and making sure my faith stays a central part of my life.

In all there aspects of keeping my battery charged, mind, body and spirit, I am glad I can take my family along with me. They are really the charging station for me, that is my battery core. With my wife and kids along for the trip, my battery will always need charged, but I we'll always have the reasons to stay on right next to me.
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