Friday, September 21, 2012

Sketch More, Play More

Wow, time is flying by so fast. That statement is a bit cliché, but I don’t know how else to describe. I’m not sure any one thing is the cause, but more likely a confluence of events. Baby, busy work, busy Fraternity schedule, busy schedule with my wife. I know I have not taken enough time to process life, one indication being my absentee blog. I have taken a few small steps to keep myself focused and fresh. I have gotten back into a few good books, started a sketchbook, set time aside to write this and made sure I spend time with my wife. As I write, I have also had work email after email pour into my phone. They customer demand never stops. Our society is really skewed, folk demand 100% attention to their matters 150% of the time. It becomes very difficult to truly unplug and have a life, or an identity, outside your work. I am blessed to have a good job, that provides for my family, but I can see how jobs can wreck families if not properly managed and placed in good context. The best remedy for this is to sit on the floor with my daughter, and dive into some playtime. Nothing exists outside my home when in that place. Emails, wait, calls go unanswered, some chores get skipped, but that is OK, the world somehow continues to spin. Normally, I have more of a theme, but today I just wanted to write about whatever. I intend on writing more, sketching more, hugging my wife more and most of all playing more. Talk again soon.
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