Friday, September 28, 2012

Browns comments, after 4 weeks

Three things I love:
-Scrappy depleted D, balling against good offenses
-T-Rich get’s my blood pumping every time he touches the ball, more on that in a bit
-Team in general does not quit, last year they quit a lot

Three Things I’m hopeful on:
-Wheeden looks to have the skill set to become a big time QB
-Benjamin looks to be little gamer
-DB’s fighting hard without Haden, could be great with him

Three things I cannot ignore:
-2-1 Interception to TD ratio (bad, even for a rookie)
-Drop-R-Us receiving core, not helping the above comment
-Lackluster “Offensive Guru” head coaching/leadership (more T-Rich por favor)

Comments? Disagreements? Discuss…
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