Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yearly update on health

Last year I got a body composition test done, and wasn't too happy with the results. But I worked hard for a year and turned the ship around, here are the before and after esults;

September 17, 2007
Fat: 43.1%, 112.7 lbs.
Lean Mass: 56.9%, 148.6 lbs.
Weight: 261.3 lbs.
RMR: 1,945 kcal/day

September 23, 2008
Fat: 34.1%, 83.7 lbs.
Lean Mass: 65.9%, 161.6 lbs.
Weight: 245.3 lbs.
RMR: 2,044 kcal/day

These are encouraging numbers that show the hard work paid off. I now have some goals to hit. I want fat under 30% by March 2009.
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