Monday, July 28, 2014


Every day I walk through the halls in my office building. Sometime through my companies parts, sometimes through other companies parts. Coffee, lunch, bathroom or a visit to a colleague are the destinations normally. One thread that weaves its way through my walks is the lack of humanity. So few people make eye contact, nor one says hello, no one smiles.

Stare at the carpet, browse through the smart phone, read a paper; I just don't understand the total lack of connection in the workplace. I am not looking for deep friendships in the hallway, but a simple hello, or good morning would be nice. Some folks do not even break their trance when a good afternoon is thrown their way. I was just not raised that way.

I am sure nothing I write here today will change the world and get folks to share some kindness. What this will do is strengthen my resolve to be friendly. Make sure I am not cut off from other humans, make sure I keep my eyes up, face forward and smile. Maybe if I keep it up, the smile can spread, and I'll see a few more around the place.
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