Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bleach & Leaky Doors

I've begun to think that winter is not a season as much as a foul temptress. She looks so pretty, and is fun to play in...but her underbelly is water. Water is the universal solvent, and no matter how much I have prepared my house, water always seems to say hi.

Bleach is another strong solvent, it wipes away dirt, mildew and other icky stuff. It's funny to think how pissy I was about doing some cleaning tonight, but the reasons are so important. I'm going through my own bleaching right now. I'm looking at the tub of my soul, and scrubbing away what isn't good for me. It starts with the mind. Once my mind is set, I normally tend to be rather focused. This time around I have some great reasons to focus on being the best I can, but it's been hard to get out the bleach so to say.

I'm getting there, and good mind & body are like water working its way through a door jamb, you can try to stop it, but it will get through. I can see the drops of my re-focusing dripping in my habits. I just need to not be afraid to commit enough to let them flow.
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